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Rich Nations Boycott UN Economic Summit (Huffington Post) - G20 Leaders to Global South: "Stimulate This!" - Part 1 (pdf)

        The Juggling Contest -- Balancing the Global Economy
        (Huffington Post) - An interview with James Quilligan
        by Christiana Wyly - Part 2

        Waxman-Markey Property Rights to the Sky?
        (Huffington Post) - An interview with James Quilligan
        by Christiana Wyly - Part 3

Kosmos Journal (Spring/Summer, 2009)
The Commons and Integral Capital

Kosmos Journal (Fall/Winter, 2008)
Global Commons Goods - Civil Society as Global Commons Organizations

Kosmos Journal (Spring/Summer, 2008)
Making the Great Adjustment - Coalition for the Global Commons


"What's Behind the Dollar?" - Money - Where Does It Come From?, by James B. Quilligan.

"Convention on the Global Commons" -
A talk by James B Quilligan at University of Notre Dame's Ten Years Hence Lecture Series in the Mendoza College of Business on March 28, 2008.
(slides) (summary) (1 hr 23 min.)

"Building A New World Through The Global Commons" -
James B. Quilligan provides an insightful analysis of the problems challenging our current global economic system and provides a new perspective through which we can overcome many of those problems by developing a public awareness of, and engagement in, the Global Commons.(August 20, 2008)

"Reclaiming the Commons" - A discussion session on reviving the Commons. Hosted by David Bollier, Dr. David Martin and James B. Quilligan. (1 hr 23 min.)


The Brandt Equation: 21st Century Blueprint for the New Global Economy

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